Tolitha "T.C."

TC – originating from Philly’s West side, TC has been in Richmond VA for decades. A devoted mother of
four sons, she tragically lost one of her beloved sons on February 1, 2019. To say that TC has three sons
that she loves and dedicates her life to just doesn’t sit well in her heart and soul. Therefore the son she
lost lives on forever and her love and dedication to his memory will infinitely remain. Extremely family
oriented, TC, a glam-ma loves on her grands as much as she possibly can. She prides herself on family,
making sure her clan stays close-knit.
Cooking is TC’s passion. There is a lot of love in food and it’s what she does to bring people together. If
you don’t remember anything else, you’ll remember that bomb piece of fried chicken you ate about a
week ago at TC’s house!
Describing herself as one big joke wrapped up inside of a serious ball of fire. As far as TC’s concerned,
life has no meaning if you can’t find humor in each and every situation! Although she holds a couple of
degrees, they mean nothing to her because her heart is not into important pieces of paper. Feeling
there’s greater importance in the world, TC chooses to focus on love, laughter and life!