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Born, raised, and educated in NYC, Doreen's stomping grounds were Harlem and the Boogie Down Bronx. She's Married and Blessed to have four successful children and an amazingly talented granddaughter. Doreen always loved working and helping others; so much so, that she became a NYC Police Officer. Working in that field until sustaining an injury, she retired from the force, relocated to Richmond, Virginia and started a new life.  New to Social Media, she quickly became tired of seeing so many negative writings and began writing daily messages of purpose. From there, she became a self published Author of four books entitled, "Thoughts From the Heart". Over the years, Doreen has entertained family and friends by having holiday events and throwing Themed parties . This passion has led her to the role of President of Sassy Sisters Women's Group, a part of Sugar City Designs located in Miami and now she takes on another spectacular feat: becoming a member of the Real Women of RVA.

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