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"Candy Rich"

Introducing Miss Candy Rich!  Born in Richmond VA as an only child raised up by her grandma and great aunt, Candy was extremely shy and labeled the teacher's pet growing up. Extremely smart and imaginative, she always knew that she was meant to be great. Candy became a hairstylist straight out of high school.  A trap queen married to the game, literally, she spent most of her life living that street life. Candy eventually tried some modeling , however her shyness would not allow her to  blow up in that field, so she continued being dope at what she did best: hair.  She then decided to pursue a career in Real Estate, but after the market crashed  that was the Birth of Eye Candy ENT. Becoming a promoter, she managed the Eye Candy Models. Feeling her creative juices flowing freely, Candy launched her own internet radio station: Wave Radio, which did extremely well. She catered to the underground and independent artists internationally. The station was hosted by her brother DJ Action, who is definitely the party starter.  She then was linked up with her Coke Boy family and started managing an artist by the name of  BooCiti and running his Label Coke Boy South. Managing the Coke Boy South DJs, Candy also managed the Coke Girl models as well as many other artists in LA, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, NC, Chicago and more. As you know the rap game and the streets can throw your whole career out of whack. So while there was a lot going on Candy decided to take a step and launch MOB Hair brand and Salon. While this her baby she is only getting better. Still very much in the entertainment industry, Candy Rich is now coming to your TV screen. Candy is one dope ass female and she's just getting started baby....

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