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Born December 30, 1977 in Harlem NY. Being raised there half my teen Life Moving to Huntsville Alabama the rest makes me a City/Country girl and a Tomboy that loves heels. I love People although I'm not a people person. I'm a hardworking go getter a realist & a human. I understand differences and definitely try not to judge. 


Being on my own at 16 teaching myself the way of life I was moving fast. I got pregnant at 17 and moved to Richmond VA. Finding my way through different ventures & job positions, I was making life work. 


When 9-11 happened it changed everything. Stock Market caused me to lose my job. I was on my own; broke, hungry & single with 2 kids & no government assistance. Having to find a way I found 1 which lead me to prison. God sat me down I had to get my life together. Serving 4 years with 1 off for good time & programs I was rejuvenated in a sense. 


Coming home putting plans & ideas in motion I started building inventory and started my own business: Intimate Play. Vowing to be my own boss - I did it, and I'm still growing.


Prison taught me to be Patient Resilient & Relentless. 


A hard tragedy happened in 2013 and I lost my son it changed me Forever. Through that tragedy I learned to love life.

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