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Damara  "Dee"Meadows

Dee wears many hats just as her hair wears many colors! Some say she's  a “Renaissance” woman. However, she sees herself as a go-getter. An extremely proud mother of three and an entrepreneur, Dee wakes up everyday with a mission: to succeed at all costs. Recently, she added a new title to her resume: "author". WOOHOO! So besides being an editor, marketing/social media consultant, human resources consultant and creative director, she is now a published author. Check out her latest project, "Bittersweet Love Chronicles" in which she is a co-author. She is  co-editor of this book as well. It's a fantastic and  unique work with twenty-seven authors in one book, sharing their personal thoughts and experiences in love, marriage, divorce, self development and even turmoil. With so many authors they are looking to break or create a Guinness Book of World Records! Dee is the Editor for Beauty and Barber Magazine based in RVA. She is also the Editor/Creative Editor for B.O.S.S. Mode Magazine based in ATL. If that weren't enough, Dee is a SAG actor and co-host for The Pre-Show on CW Richmond.  As you can see, trying to keep up with this dynamic dynamo will have your head spinning! 

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