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Carnisha "NeeNee" Taylor

Carnisha Taylor better known as Nee-Nee  is a Single mom with one son in high-school who plays JV football. Originally  from Southside Richmond Virginia, Nee-Nee  currently works in the nursing field traveling to different places to care for those in need. She also makes Incredible Edibles that are extremely popular. In her spare time Nee-Nee models and keeps herself in shape, so much so, she has created  her very own workout routine called Nee-Nee’s Thick Fit Workout Plan.  She prides herself on being down to earth, loving, caring and very outspoken. Her hobbies include dancing, researching the world and its conspiracy theories, studying astrology, cooking and eating, watching her son's football games, and sharing knowledge that she's learned with friends and family on various subjects such as cryptocurrency, the new world order, the Bible, being genderfluid and all the other categories that goes with it, Covid vaccines, social media and more. Not a big social media fan, Nee-Nee personally feels like it's a brainwashing tool and consumes too much time. She feels the answer to a lot of life issues is to just turn off social media. Understanding it's a part of the times we're living in and many people make a living online but the reality is, life has changed tremendously because of it in more bad ways than good. She aspires to one day be a public speaker on the influence that social media  has on peoples' lives, and the different agendas they push to dumb us down in the world today.

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