Renalda "Brooklyn Ma"

RENALDA MCDONALD-REAUX, fondly known as BrooklynMa, born in BedSty BROOKLYN USA and raised in South Brooklyn is a daughter, sister, mother and GaGa. Her love of the hustle began in her teenage years sponsoring bus trips. An unsuccessful marriage drove her to RVA in 1990 with a desire to raise her precious cargo in a more healthy environment.....being a single mom was never a problem to her. Her hard work ethic had her working 4 jobs regularly to provide more than what was needed for her 2 babies. To circumvent the huge wage loss in moving to Richmond she went from selling handcrafted items from the window sill of her first corporate job hosting private parties, food sales and whatever else moved her at the moment. After re-joining the Bell System, working overtime became her hustle! In the early 2000s she grouped with co-workers to co-operate a cafe, eventually being the LONE operator. With a family member she opened a Soulfood Cafe in Southside RVA; all the while having functions and catering the infamous "Friday's at Sunset", where her catering staff serviced big names like Erykah Badu, Parliament Funkadelic, and Tony Rock to name a few... Today, with faithful friends and family she is still surviving through Black Moon Cafe Catering!and event decor. Her latest found passion is painting beautiful works of ART! She dons herself as a JANE OF ALL TRADES... from A to Z! Do you need  a caterer, wallpapering, and/or home decor? Call Brooklyn Ma!