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Kimberlaine  "Blunt" Johnson

Fearless in her endeavors and bold in her approach, Kimberlaine A. Johnson aka BLUNT (Black Lady
Under New Terms: her own!), takes no prisoners when navigating her way through her journey of the
arts. As an author her titles include: Betrayal of a Hustler; A Dead Man’s Vengeance; The Vendetta;
Rubber Band Girls VA; Ain’t No Love in the Streets;  Everything Money Can’t Buy. and her latest release Queen Z, The Baymoore Dynasty. She also has short stories in Carl Weber’s infamous Around the Way Girls Volumes 7 and 8 as well as EnJoy’s Even Sinners have Souls Volume I. Whether she’s penning a 5 star read, scripting a motion picture, producing, directing, songwriting, or blessing audiences with her motivational messages, this Black Lady Under New Terms definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. A proud mother of two who are 18 years apart in age, BLUNT prides herself on the fact that her children are following in her footsteps. Her son, Saint Vinci, also a phenomenal writer, is  making his mark in music. While her daughter Jenia is taking the Nestea plunge working for BLUNT’s publishing company, Queen B Publications. There are no limits to this literary dynamo as she confidently expands her brand to now include reality television. Creator, Executive Producer, Director, and cast member are the hats she wears on the reality show: Real Women of RVA - and she wears them well.

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